For the health of people
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BIOLIS series of desktop automated multi-purpose biochemical analyzer have been sold over 80 countries. Further improving of Biolis series automated multi-purpose biochemical analyzer and expanding the sales force and buit-up global network in the future.


BIOLIS 30iAutomated multi-functional biochemical analyzer

Automated biochemical analyzer made in Japan that are indroduced to hospitals, clinics and laboratories all over the world. With 20 years in history, we have been research and development for providing the efficiency and use-friendly of this device. Continuing contributing for the patients who need the clinical testing.

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MEDISYS LINKLaboratory information system

Multifunctional Medisys Link that facilitates daily operations and supports you.

Limited to Japan only.

Diaphragm Air Pump

Devaloped as one of medical device. More than 45,000 units sold all over the world. Low cost with high functionality. Great trade performance among many companies.

It is availble for customizing and a wide range of uses.
1. Compatible with gas-liquid mixture
2. Easy maintenance
3. Available for customizing

Limited to Japan only.

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